Teach Your Cat Not To Beg

Once a pet has discovered that human food taste better than pet food, there’s no telling how far they will go just to get a piece of the action. This especially applies to cats as they are smaller and able to jump on high surfaces like your kitchen table.  Begging is a common behavior among cats and a big problem faced by many cat owners.  With their big eyes and cute faces, they are very persuasive in trying to get what they want when it comes to food. Often times you even have to give them a little nudge as cats are persistent animals.  Follow this article for tips on how to teach your cat not to beg.

Teaching your cat not to beg at the table or anywhere takes persistence.  The first step is properly reinforcing the term ‘No’ while removing your cat from the dining area at any given point. If your cat persists, try putting her in a separate room and closing the door. Alternatively, you can always use a spray bottle, but in most cases an effective no will do. Make sure everyone who lives in your home also follows suit. It doesn’t help your case if you say ‘no’ one night, and the next night your daughter is secretly feeding the cat under the table. Everyone in the house must own up and take responsibility for preventing your cat from begging for food. Designate your dining area as a permanent cat free zone so that your cat understands its place while you or your family is eating.  Another great tip for teaching your cat not to beg is always feeding your cat from her own dish.  Pick an area in your home that is the designated cat eating area. Depending on the size of your pad you might have to get creative with this, but it works. You don’t want your cat to establish a connection between where you eat and where she eats as it will think they are both the same and she is permitted to eat whatever comes from your plate.  Make sure your cat understands which plate is hers by adding high quality food to it daily. A quality meal will go a long way to making sure your cat is fed enough and that it’s not bored with its current food situation. Feed your cat something it enjoys and wants to eat so that it steers focus away from your food and onto hers.  In addition, if you feed your cat before feeding yourself, she will most likely be too full to beg for your food.  Always remove leftover food from the table or dining area when your cat is present. I know if you put free, tasty food in my face it’ll be hard not to take a bite. Your cat is very similar in that its eyes can become its stomach and will have the urge to beg for leftovers.

Clean up after you eat and only feed your cat quality cat from its own dish. Begging is common among all cats, but can be avoided by following the tips in this article.  Don’t give in to those sweet eyes. Teaching your cat not to beg is healthier and the best option for both the cat and the owner.