Dealer Opportunities

How much does it cost to become a Paw Depot Dealer?

It is $60,000 for a Standard Dealer and $250,000 for a Master Distributor. Dealer types are based solely on household and population density. Dealers are permitted to multiple territories.

What is included with The Paw Depot Dealership?

Product / Nutrition Training
Pet Behavior Training
Pet Certifications
24/7 Customer Service
Sales Lead Generation
Automated Re-orders
Trade / Expo Training
Guaranteed Territories

Will I have guaranteed territories / routes?

Yes. Each territory is geographically defined by The Paw Depot, consequently all franchises will not be allowed to deliver outside their franchise territory unless otherwise permitted by the corporate office.

As a dealer, will I compete with corporate sales?

No. All sales leads generated at a corporate level will be distributed to each dealer by the corporate office. All in-store sales will be sold at dealer MSRP so as not to create competition.

Am I responsible for advertising?

All marketing pieces (i.e. brochures, door hangers, business cards, show fliers, etc.) are designed by Corporate, however the printing costs are the responsibility of each Dealer. 2% of each Paw Depot Dealer is allocated to corporate marketing and technology development costs.

Is the cost of the Paw Depot Mobile Boutique a part of my dealer agreement?

No. The Paw Depot has made arrangements with Ford Motor Company for 3 van models, wraps and interior build out. The Paw Depot will facilitate the purchase of a Dealer van. To maintain corporate branding, one of the three vans must be used for deliveries.

Can I attend a trade show, convention or exhibit outside my territory?

Yes. With coordination from the Corporate Office, Paw Depot Dealers may participate or exhibit at a show or event outside of his territory. All leads generated from a show will be sent to the appropriate territory. A Dealer who generates a lead outside her territory will receive a percentage of the sales derived from the lead.