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Dog Daycare Coach

Dog Daycare Coach
**MUST HAVE DOG TRAINING EXPERIENCE TO APPLY** Do you think of your pet as a member of the family? If so, then we have a lot in common! Like you, we are extremely devoted to our pets and only want the best for them. At The Paw Depot, we are a community of true pet lovers with shared interests and values. We are professionally committed to being your resource for all aspects of pet ownership including health and nutrition, training, grooming and the latest in general pet care. Our dog training services include multi-week group training classes as well as a drop-off daytime program for canine enrichment and socialization.


Day School Canine Coach

The Day School Coach is responsible for teaching group classes and leading enrichment/socialization activities at our drop-off daytime program as well as interacting with clients and potential clients on a daily basis.

Day School Canine Coach Responsibilities and Duties:
□ Supervising appropriate play and enrichment activities for adult dogs and puppies
□ Assuring command reinforcement which support students who are also in group classes
□ Working with puppies on behavioral development exercises
□ Conducting potential customer consultations
□ Positively interacting with clients in person, via email/text/phone.

Day School Canine Coach Physical Requirements:

Position requires person to be both indoors and outdoors. Majority of day is spent standing, walking and bending.

Must Be Able To:
□ Able to lift 50+ pounds.
□ Stand and walk for long periods of time.
□ Work with small and large dogs.
□ Work around pet hair and dander.
□ Communicate with proper spelling and grammar via email/text.
□ Communicate with clients in a friendly, upbeat manner.


Day School Canine Coach Qualifications:
□ Minimum 1 year experience in a Canine Day Care setting
□ Ability to read and promote positive canine play
□ Knowledge in command reinforcement and behavioral exercises for puppies
□ Excellent communication skills.
□ Must have a love for dogs and a keen sense for animal safety.
□ Must be observant.
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  • 4 years ago